Superscale 48-819: TBM-3 Avengers

Units: VT-46, VC 83 & 97




Scott Van Aken

Some of you may think you've seen this sheet before. Well, yes and no. Sheet 48-567 contain two of these planes, while the other one is new to me. If you are wondering why subjects are repeated, here is some background info. Not that long ago, the EPA decided that the material used to produce white on decal sheets was not good for us. They'd fed concentrated amounts of this paint to mice and they all turned into raving cross-dressers. Well, that meant that the material was banned and another had to be found. It was and the downside was that it wasn't very opaque. Since then, a new paint has been found that brings back the opacity of the whites and also they are really white. Thus, a new sheet.

OK, so let's get down to the markings. All of these planes are in the tricolor scheme of dark sea blue, intermediate blue and white.

First aircraft is from VC-97 off the USS Massar Strait, CVE-91 in Feb 1945.

Next is a VT-46 plane from the USS Independence  in early 1945. It carries the geometric shapes that were widely used at that time.

Also carrying geometric markings, is a VC-83 Avenger from the USS Sargent Bay, CVE-83. Like the previous aircraft, the design is carried on the right wing and tail.

For kits, most of us will choose the Accurate Miniatures version. However, if you have the old Monogram kit, then these should fit as well. There was only room  on the sheet for one set of insignia, so if doing more than one plane, you'll have to use kit decals or find them in your spare box.

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