Superscale 48-818: P-51D/F-6D Mustang

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a nice sheet for the Mustang. It offers a number of interesting aircraft, some that I've not seen before. As for kits, there are a bunch of them that are quite good. If bucks are no problem, then Tamiya or Hasegawa will fill the bill. If you are a bit more constrained in the cash department, then you might want to try the Monogram version or even the Otaki kit that has been reboxed by Airfix.

The first plane is a post war Mustang prior to the formation of the USAF. This one is from the 431st FS/475th FG and was based at Tachikawa in 1947.

Next is a 458 FS/355 FG Mustang called 'Jake the Snake' It has an appropriate nose art included The nose is white and yellow with a yellow rudder.

Finally, the lone recce Mustang or F-6D. This one was with the 110 TRS in the Philippines so will need to have the wing stripes painted on. Though there are aftermarket camera ports around, these can be just as easily made by the more experienced modeler.

As with many newer Superscale sheets, there are full markings and data for one plane. Included is an excellent data placement guide.

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