Superscale 48-808: P-47D Thunderbots

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Scott Van Aken

Now you wouldn't know it, but Superscale wants to be your Thunderbolt decal sheet dealer. It seems that with every new batch of decal releases, there is at least one Jug sheet. Not that it is a bad thing, either as there really needs to be more P-47 decal sheets.

This particular sheet covers two 'bubbletop' P-47s. Both are relatively late war planes so are in overall natural metal.

First is 'Pole's Vulgar Vulture' from the 508 FS/404 FG. This one is relatively undecorated with paint and other than the nose/fuselage art, is bare of additional markings and color. It is a P-47-30 and apparently without the fin fillet that most -30s carried. As with the upcoming plane, it had the 13' asymmetrical prop.

The other aircraft is 'Chow Hound' of the C.O. of the 509 FS/405 FG. It has a red prop hub, forward cowl, fin fillet, wing tips tail stripes and canopy frame. It also has a rather impressive number of mission markings.

Most will head for the various Hasegawa kits to do this aircraft. To check to see which boxings have which prop, I'd head for the Kit Research page.  There is also the Monogram kit and the Hawk one that has been boxed by Testors from time to time. Rumor has it that Tamiya is stepping into the 1/48 P-47 arena, though heaven only knows why! (Late note April 2003: Tamiya did indeed step into the arena and has sold a LOT of kits)

Here is some additional info on this sheet from Andy Abshier:

Just a few additions/corrections:  1) Pole's P-47 did
indeed have a fin fillet; I think SS goofed and put an
unfilleted P-47 profile up for his airplane; 2) His
name is Edwin W. Pole, not Edwin T. Pole.  The crew
name is given as Edwin T. Pole on the sheet.  I'm not
going to fix it myself!

Apparently the CO of his squadron completely eschewed
colorful squadron markings--which is why the aircraft
is so undecorated.

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