Superscale 48-802 for P-40E Warhawk

Units: 23 and 49 FG




Scott Van Aken

Banking on the general popularity of the P-40E and the recent AMtech kit, Superscale has released a new sheet with some old favorites on it.

The first is the P-40E of Col. Robert L. Scott of the 23rd FG and 'God is My Copilot' fame. This is in standard OD over neutral grey and carries the famed Flying Tiger emblem on the fuselage.

Next is a very colorful nose art on this 9 FS/49 FG P40E. It is in dark green/dark earth over neutral grey colors as typical of aircraft originally destined for the Brits.

Similarly painted is the third aircraft, another 9 FS Warhawk named 'Arizona' and sporting a very large snake on the nose.

Full insignia and data markings are provided for all three planes. Also provided are a selection of bomb data markings that should come in handy with various projects. Any of these schemes would look great on your next P-40E.

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