Superscale 48-801 for A-4B Skyhawk

Units: VA-34




Scott Van Aken

This is the second of two new sheets for the A-4B. This is for a single aircraft from VA-34 and is from the 1959 USS Saratoga cruise. There is a lot of blue on this one and you'll have to paint the canopy frame to match the decal. Though it has been cropped from the image to the right,  Superscale has given you a couple of extra 'NAVY' markings on this sheet, probably out of habit of doing two subjects on each sheet. It is a really colorful sheet and will look great on your next A-4B. Both Hasegawa and Hobbycraft produce kits that can be used with this set.

Again, the sheet has been cropped to eliminate some of the common markings to save a bit of space.

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