Superscale 48-800 for A-4B Skyhawk

Units: VA-12 & VA-22




Scott Van Aken

Taking full advantage of the recent Hasegawa A-4B kit, Superscale has done a couple of more sheets. The first one is for VA-12 from the Essex in 1958. This is sort of a CAG bird with three colors in the fin. Though decals are supplied, you may want to paint them in.

The other is for VA-22 from the USS Kearsarge in 1963. It has a large red and black bird marking on the fuselage. The Kearsarge was a CVS at this time so only small detachments were sent to these ships to provide 'fighter' protection.

As is normal, there are enough insignia to do one aircraft and anti-glare shields for both aircraft.

Again, the sheet has been cropped to eliminate some of the common markings to save a bit of space.

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