Superscale 48-797 for Hs-129B

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Scott Van Aken

As Superscale likes to do things in pairs, here is the second Hs-129 sheet. Again, all aircraft are in RLM 70/71/65. This sheet has two aircraft on it as opposed to the usual three.

The first is a B-2 variant from 8./SG 1 in russia. Again, the markings are a yellow nose, yellow wing tip undersides and a yellow fuselage band. The spinners have a white stripe, but no color info is supplied, though I'd be willing to bet the front of the spinner is red.

The other is the B-3 version with the large cannon. Only a few of these were built and even fewer saw action. This is one of them with 14./SG 9. The factory call letters have had tactical markings applied directly over them.

This is a great sheet for your next Hs-129 and gives you an opportunity to toss those Hasegawa decals for some much better ones.

Again, the sheet has been cropped to eliminate some of the common markings to save a bit of space.

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