Superscale 48-796 for Hs-129B

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Scott Van Aken

Here is the first of the more recent set of new decals from Superscale. This one concentrates on the Hs-129. There is but a single model of this available in 1/48, but it is a real beauty from Hasegawa. The sheet itself had to be darkened to show the white markings. All of the aircraft are painted RLM 70/71 upper with RLM 65 lower surfaces as was standard for bomber and attack aircraft. The differences between the B-1 and B-2 variant are mostly with armament and engine cowlings so make sure you have the right kit for the scheme you are planning on doing.

First is a B-2 of the ground attack 'ace', Rudolf-Heinz Ruffner of 8./SG 1. His Red J has kill markings on the tail and the usual Eastern Front markings of a yellow fuselage band, lower wing tips and nose.

Next is a B-1 version from 5./SG 1. Red G has a full Eastern Front suite of yellow markings. A fuselage band decal is provided, but you may want to paint this to match the rest of your aircraft.

Finally a B-2  from II./SG 1. Red L has a large unit badge just aft of the canopy as has a red tipped spinner with a white band. This white band is supplied on the sheet. There are enough insignia to do two of the three aircraft.

A really fine sheet for those of you seeking an alternate scheme for your Hs-129.

Again, the sheet has been cropped to eliminate some of the common markings to save a bit of space.

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