Superscale 48-793 for P-47D Thunderbolt

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Scott Van Aken

For the second sheet of P-47s, Superscale has chosen two interesting aircraft.

First is 'Oh Johnnie' in which Lt. Raymond Knight won the Medal of Honor in April of 1945 in Italy. Unfortunately, it was awarded posthumously as Lt. Knight was killed in his final action. As shame as the end of the war was only a few weeks away. His OD and Neutral Grey P-47 had the black and white checkerboard tail of the 346 FS. It used a Hamilton Standard prop.

'Flack Valley Express' is  from the 506 FS. It has an OD rudder with white fin stripe. It also carries the black part of the D-Day stripes. It carries a 13 foot asymmetrical Curtiss-electric prop.

I mention the prop in this and the previous review as the P-47 used a number of different ones. Thunderbolt enthusiasts find it a major gaffe to have the wrong prop on a specific dash number!

Again, the sheet has been cropped to eliminate the common data and stencil markings.

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