Superscale 48-792 for P-47D Thunderbolt

Units: 405 FG




Scott Van Aken

Moving on to P-47s for a while, here are some bubble-top versions from the 509 FS / 405 FG. All are in bare metal with red forward cowling, canopy frames, wing tips, fin and rudder stripes.  For those into proper props, all three of these use 13 foot asymmetrical propellers.

First is 'Fat Kat'. This one has alternating red painted cowl flaps.

'Fat Kat/Chicago' is next. Like the above aircraft is has a large feline nose art.

The third aircraft of the feline triumvirate is 'Kat Sas'. This one has the alternating red cowl flaps and a red fin fillet. You may have to make the fillet as not all bubble-top P-47D kits provide it.

While I'm sure that the Hasegawa kit is preferred, you can probably use the decals with any other 1/48 P-47D kit out there without too much trauma. If you like your 'jugs' with lots of red, this sheet is the one you want!

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