Superscale 48-787 for F-16C Vipers

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Scott Van Aken

Here is the second F-16 sheet from the most recent batch. This one is all F-16Cs. The first two are both from the 52nd FW in Germany. First is the 52 FW boss bird. This one has a large unit crest on the fin along with three lightning bolts.

Next is the 23 FS boss bird. Though not quite as colorful, it does have an interesting falcon motif on the fin. Both of these planes are large mouth block 50 birds so make sure you use the proper kit/modifications when doing it.

The third plane on the sheet is a small mouth F-16C from the 162 FW. This is also a boss bird, though it carries no 'unusual' marking aside from the wing name on the fin. The 162nd is the training school for ANG F-16 pilots and also trains Dutch Falcon operators.

Again, the sheet has been cropped to eliminate the common data and stencil markings.

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