Superscale 48-785: Razorback P-47Ds

Units: 352 FG




Scott Van Aken

Here is the first of a couple more very nice P-47 sheets from Superscale. This one covers early P-47Ds with the 352 FG. Both planes are OD over Neutral Grey  and have white cowlings and tail bands. The tail bands are supplied in with the sheet, though you may want to paint them on. In addition, 'split' fuselage insignia are given for use on kits that have the turbocharger cooling doors open. Neither aircraft is equipped with wing pylons. I have also cropped the sheet image of most of the common markings to save a bit on server space.

The first aircraft is 'Slender, Tender, and Tall' from the 328th FS in 1943. As with the other subject, it has the red surround insignia.

'Sweetie' is from the 486th FS. It also has a very nice nose art, though in this case it isn't a rabbit!

Either scheme will look super on your next early P-47D.

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