Superscale 48-784: B-25J Mitchells

Units: 12 and 310 BG




Scott Van Aken

Here is a second sheet of B-25s, this time concentrating on the B-25J. Both aircraft are in overall natural metal, and again, the Monogram kit is the one you want for doing this. Probably the more difficult to find kit will be the gun nose B-25 as it has been out of production for quite a number of years. However, Monogram does reissue kits on a more or less regular basis so it shouldn't be too long before it again becomes available.

The first aircraft is a glass-nosed version from the 380 BS/ 310 BG based in Algeria in 1944. 'The Little King' has an impressive number of mission marks and nice orange and blue tail bands to help liven it up a bit.

From our old friends the 12th BG, comes another scary-nosed gunship. This time the markings have been livened up a bit by the inclusion of a white surround to the mouth. 'Sunday Punch' should be one of the more interesting builds of this aircraft.

Because of the lack of space and size of the insignia, only one set is provided, so to do both will require one to use that which comes with the kit.

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