Superscale 48-783 for B-25H Mitchell

Units: 82 BS/12 BG




Scott Van Aken

The addition of a 75mm cannon in the nose of the B-25D gave the Mitchell the kind of heavy hitting power to make it a super ground attack plane. It was hoped that the B-25G would see a lot of use. However, the gun was not exactly the easiest weapon to use. For one thing, it was manually loaded. This meant that its rate of fire was not the greatest and the plane was only able to get off a shot or two each pass. Many crews removed this gun and put several 50 cal machine guns in its place. This mod was also made on the B-25J airframe and that became the B-25H.

Currently, there is only one kit of the B-25H in 1/48 and that is the rather old, but still good version by Monogram. It was reissued a few years ago and should still be relatively easy to find.

Both schemes are from the same unit, the 82nd BS. This unit, along with most of the 'Mitchells with faces' was based in the CBI, where their ground attack abilities were most welcome. The first plane is 'Dog Daize' as flown by Jared Miller.

The other option is for "Eatin' Kitty", flown from Karachi, India in mid-1944.

Both aircraft have 'faces' on the nose section, though they are not the same. Each plane was painted a little bit different from the others in that respect. The only part you need to paint is the black area of the open mouth that extends into the gun port.

Regardless of which scheme you choose, it will be a huge improvement over the kit decals!

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