Superscale 48-771 for P-47D Thunderbolts

Units: 495 FG and 356 FG




Scott Van Aken

The final new entry from Superscale is this sheet for a pair of P-47D Thunderbolts. Both of them are bubble tops and have large artwork on the airframe.

The first is a natural metal one for the the VIII Fighter Command head honcho, Maj. Gen. William Kepner. This one has a green cowling front and the remnants of invasion stripes on the underside of the fuselage that you'll have to paint on. Included on the sheet are the tail stripes for this plane. The #4 guns are removed from this plane and it has some colorful wheel cover markings.

The other Jug is from the 356th FG. This aircraft has the #3 and 4 guns removed, and though not mentioned in the instructions, probably has OD on the upper surfaces. The leading edges of the flying surfaces are left in natural metal which will make for a most interesting scheme.

Please note that a section of this sheet is not reproduced as they are common markings. I do this to save on file size.

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