Superscale 48-763, A4D-2 (A-4B) Skyhawk

Units: VA 36 & VA-81




Scott Van Aken

Here is yet another really nice sheet for the A-4B Skyhawk. Superscale seemingly wants to corner the market on cool schemes for this aircraft and this sheet just adds to the growing list of available schemes.

Both of these aircraft are from 1961, the first one from the USS Saratoga and VA-36. It is marked with a broad black tail band and a road runner cartoon on the fuselage side. VA-36 went dormant after the Skyhawk and re-emerged as an A-6E Intruder squadron, only to go back into hibernation when the A-6 left the fleet in the early 90's.

The other scooter on the sheet is from VA-81, a long standing unit that currently flies F-18 Hornets. This plane has lots of color in its orange markings with black diamonds. You'll have to paint the rudder to match, but it beats trying to put a decal over those corrugations. This very colorful plane was part of the Forrestal air group.

There are enough common markings for both planes though you'll need insignia for the second one. You can easily use the kit supplied ones if you wanted to do both aircraft.

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