Superscale 48-762, A4D-2 (A-4B) Skyhawk

Units: VA-15 & VA-164




Scott Van Aken

Superscale wants to be your Scooter headquarters and have been producing a number of superb sheets for the early A-4. As of this writing, the only kit available has been the Hobbycraft version, though Hasegawa is supposed to release one in the near future. The really cool thing about this sheet is that both aircraft are CAG birds, though only one has the usual multiple colored marking.

First is the VA-15 aircraft from the height of the Vietnam war in 1967. This USS Intrepid based A-4B is resplendent with a very sizeable number of mission marks and the now famous Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club badge on the fin.

The other aircraft is from 1963 and the USS Oriskany. This VA-164 bird has the required multi-colored tail markings that any decent CAG bird should have.

There are complete markings for both birds though you'll have to scrounge national insignia from the kit for the second model, should you decide to go that way. Either set of markings will look just super on your next A-4B model.

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