Superscale 48-757 for P-40N Warhawks

Units: 25 FS/51 FG & 7 FS/49 FG




Scott Van Aken

Like the 109, this reviewer and many others just can't get enough of the P-40 Warhawk. Despite its near obsolescence, the Warhawk was basically all that the US had during the first year of the war. In some theaters of operation (such as the CBI (China, Burma, India) theater), the aircraft was in combat until late 1944.

This sheet is for the later P-40N variety. All aircraft on this sheet are in the olive drab over neutral grey color scheme. The 49FG aircraft have white tails and wing leading edge ID markings.

The first aircraft is the 25 FS P-40N from Yunnayi,China circa 1944. This aircraft has a rather nice shark mouth that was typical of the unit and a white tip to the spinner. Typical of China based aircraft, it has an ADF loop antenna on the spine. This will probably have to be built by the modeler as I can think of no kit that offers this feature.

Next are two 7 FS P-40Ns. The 7th FS flew the Warhawk for quite some time from bases in New Guinea. Fortunately for us, they liked to adorn their aircraft with some very attractive nose art. In this case, there is artwork for 'Island Dream' and 'Milk Wagon Express'.

Available kits are the AMT P-40N as well as the Mauve P-40N which has also been reboxed by Eduard. Finding aftermarket wheels, interior and canopy will not be a problem as these are readily available from Squadron and others.

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