Superscale 48-756 for A-4B Skyhawks

Units: VA-106 / VA-216




Scott Van Aken

Continuing with a super selection of sheets for the early Skyhawk, Superscale has produced this sheet as the initial offering with the next round of sheets. There are sufficient common markings for one aircraft as well as anti-glare panels for both.

The first scooter is from VA-106 on the Intrepid circa 1958. It has a lot of green in the scheme with its broad green fuselage band and green rudder.

The other scheme is  from VA-216. This is the CAG bird though it does not have multiple colors on it. It is from the USS Saratoga in 1967.

Either scheme is very nice and will look great on your next A-4B kit. There is currently a B version by Hobbycraft and I'm sure one is soon to come from Hasegawa in this scale. Those who are skilled can trim the extra 9 inches from the nose of the C to make a B, but I'll just use the Hobbycraft kit or wait for the Hasegawa version.

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