Superscale 48-754 for S-3A Viking

Units: VX-1, VS-29




Scott Van Aken


I have spent a number of my years in the military around and in the S-3A Viking, so it is an aircraft that I have a particular fondness for. Interestingly, I have not built that many S-3 kits. I can only recall doing one ESCI 1/48 version and one each of the Hasegawa and Airfix kit, but the most recent of those was about 1984! It seems that every time I get the box open for one, something else comes in that pulls my attention away. It seems to be one of those kits that I say "I'll get to it later, " and never seem to do.

This is the first of two new S-3A sheets. Like the P-3, the very large fin of the Viking was the perfect place for some rather large and colorful tail art. On this particular sheet are markings from two of the first units to fly the S-3A.

VX-1 got one early on as they were the unit tasked to make sure that the systems in the plane worked as advertised. Every time someone wanted to do a mod to the fleet or add a system, it was VX-1 that tried it out first. They had basically one of all the ASW aircraft on hand. They also had wiring diagrams that were unlike any other aircraft of the type, thanks to trying out all that different gear!! This particular sheet is for one of the initial batch of 13 S-3As that was built. After many years with VX-1 it went to VS-37. I do believe that it is now in the boneyard providing parts support for the rest of the fleet!

The other is the CAG bird from VS-29, one of the first fleet squadrons to cruise with the S-3A. The 'Dragonfires' have always had a spectacular tail marking during the hi-viz period and the CAG bird just adds to that with the different colors in the sail.

Both of these are in light gull grey over white with the tan radome. The only kit made of the S-3 in 1/48 is the ESCI/AMT kit. Though it has not been produced for many years, it can still be found at swap meets and from on-line auctions.

Please note that the sheet may look a bit short as I'll often crop off common markings to save on server space.

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