Superscale 48-752 for F-15C/E Eagles

Units: 114 FS, 335 FS




Scott Van Aken


You know, you just don't see that many F-15 decal sheets nowadays. There really are a couple of reasons. One is that the F-15 just isn't a kit that one sees that often. While I don't doubt that many have them on their shelves, they just are not seen often at shows. The other reason is that many of the markings of current Eagles are boring. Face it. You have tail codes, perhaps a bit of color in a tail band, and if lucky, some nose art.

This sheet has markings for two Eagles. The first is from the 114th FS of the Oregon ANG at Klamath Falls. This unit used to be the school for F-4Cs, then for the F-16A ADF and then, when all F-16 training went to Tuscon, it became the F-15A training unit. Apparently it is now doing F-15Cs as well. This particular plane is painted in the Mod Eagle colors and sports, in addition to a decent tail marking, a very nice sharkmouth.

The other Eagle is the boss bird from the 335th FS at Seymour-Johnson AFB. The 4th FW, of which the 335th is a part, is the only dedicated F-15E wing in the continental US. As such, it is often called to offer support to overseas operations and I wouldn't doubt that there are SJ aircraft overseas right now.

The best kits for these sheets are Monogram and Hasegawa (depending on your budget) for the F-15C and Revell for the F-15E. Hasegawa does an F-15E, but it really is an F-15D with conformal tanks and hard points. It is missing several key E model features. I believe that Academy's E model may be similar. I can't comment on the Fujimi F-15C nor the one that  Academy makes as I haven't seen either built.

Please note that the sheet may look a bit short as I'll often crop off common markings to save on server space.

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