Superscale 48-745 for late F-86D Sabres




431 FIS


Scott Van Aken



There are really never enough cool decal sheets for the Revell F-86D. This is the first of two new sheets for the later version boxed by Revell of Germany. These later aircraft have parabrakes on them that the ProModeler kit did not offer.

This particular aircraft is from the 431st FIS and really has a lot of color in it. You will also notice a full insignia suite with this sheet and the next. Revell of Germany's decal sheet does not offer the split insignia that are in the ProModeler boxing, so they are provided here for you.

In addition to the split insignia, you get a full nose anti-glare panel decal and two radome decal stripes. If you use the ProModeler kit (which really is the wrong one to use with this sheet), be sure to trim the kits rudder trim tab flush with the trailing edge of the rudder. ProModeler used a test aircraft at the USAF Museum to do their molds. Unfortunately, that plane had an experimental larger trim tab so it was dutifully copied by R-M!

This is a great sheet and one can only hope that more is to come. The 1950s were a very colorful period in USAF history and thanks to Superscale, we now have more to choose from for our models.

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