Superscale 48-744 for CAG A-7E Corsair II




VA-81 and VA-87


Scott Van Aken



This is the second brand new A-7E sheet and the fourth in the last month or so. Frankly, I'm glad to see it. The A-7E was blessed with some of the most colorful markings of any aircraft type of the time. Something about that large fin that made it a perfect palette for some pretty vibrant works.

This particular sheet has two more colorful CAG aircraft, this time from East coast A-7E squadrons. The upper aircraft is from VA-87 and sports the indian head and a large red lower fin stripe. You'll have to paint the upper stripe, but that is much easier than trying to get a decal to conform to that convoluted tail section.

The other is from VA-81. This has a large red chevron on the fin with the CAG colors portrayed by smaller chevrons on the rudder. Because of a lack of space on the sheet, markings are given for only one aircraft, but you can always use the kit decals should you decided to do them both.

If you are into the A-7E, then this sheet will be one to get. As you know, decal makers are only doing one production run on these sheets so if you want it, you need to get it while it is available.

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