Superscale 48-743 for CAG A-7E Corsair II




VA-94 and VA-105


Scott Van Aken



Superscale has been embarking on a series of sheets for the very nice Hasegawa A-7E. On this particular one are two more very colorful CAG birds, one from each coast.

The first one is from VA-94 and has a rather flamboyant tail marking that is resplendent in all of the colors of the air group. Naturally this one is my favorite as I supplied a slide to help for research (ego stroke here).

The other is from VA-105. It also has a lot of color, but interestingly, it has kept the standard unit color in the air wing code letters on the tail.

No matter which aircraft you chose to use, it will be a real standout amongst the all-grey stuff one normally sees at club meetings and contests.

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