Superscale 48-740 for TBM Avengers




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Scott Van Aken



Sticking with WWII bomber types, Superscale has ventured into doing some more TBM Avengers. There is a rather nice selection of different schemes on this sheet, so I'd be surprised if you couldn't find something to your liking on it. As for available kits, you are down to two in 1/48. The first is the rather elderly Monogram kit with all of its working features. It is still a nice kit, but has been greatly surpassed in overall detail by the more recent issues from Accurate Miniatures. I'm sure that is what most of you will be using.

The first aircraft is a TBM-3 from VT-83 on the USS Bunker Hill. This aircraft is in the standard mid-war colors of Sea Blue, Intermediate Blue and White.

Just below that is an overall Glossy Sea Blue TBM-1C from VSB-ATU-1 just post war.

To the upper right is a nice Atlantic scheme VC-42 TBM-1C from the USS Bogue. This scheme is dark gull grey over white.

Finally a night intruder scheme on a VT(N)-90 TBM-3. It has the white of the normal tricolor scheme repainted in Sea Blue, for a rather unusual color scheme.

You get insignia for two of the four planes as long as one is the overall glossy sea blue aircraft. However finding US WWII insignia is not a difficult task!

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