Superscale 48-738 for A-7E Corsair II




VA-15 and VA-147


Scott Van Aken



Superscale seems to do decal sheets in pairs, which is just fine with me. The second Corsair II sheet covers two more 'hi-vis' A-7Es, this time one from the Atlantic fleet. Both are in the standard light gull grey over white.

The first aircraft is from VA-147, the 'Argonauts'. Unlike most CAG birds, VA-147s does not have any multiple colors in its markings. Most unusual, but not completely unheard of.

Next is the Atlantic Fleet's VA-15 'Valions'. This Corsair has a white tail on which to put its rather spectacular blue dragon. This sheet also has a glitch in that the stars should all be the same color blue as the dragon. Your other option is to try to find nose numbers to make the '7' a '0', then you can use the multicolored starts for a CAG bird. One of the Hasegawa boxings of the A-7E has the Valions markings so you can probably rob what you need from that kit if you are using it.

(Late note: I stand corrected. I have been sent a copy of the slide from which this sheet was made and it does indeed have the multi-colored stars on the tail. Thanks to Norris Graser for pointing out the error of my ways! However, I also have seen photos of VA-15 planes without the multi-colored stars on the tail in this same scheme so that is what I based my comments upon. Below is an image of the aforementioned A-7E.)





The Hasegawa kit is really the only option when building the 1/48 A-7E. The AMT/ESCI kit is a real dog and should be avoided at all costs.


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