Superscale 48-737 for A-7E Corsair II




VA 146 and VA-195


Scott Van Aken



Superscale has released the first new A-7E sheets in a very long while. In choosing subjects for this first sheet, it couldn't have picked a more colorful pair. Both are in the 'old' scheme of light gull grey over white. In this case, the light gull grey is semi-gloss, though it would not be inappropriate to paint it fully gloss.

The first aircraft chosen is the CAG bird from VA-195, 'The Dambusters'. The squadron got this nickname from its exploits during the Korean war when most Naval aircraft were used for ground attack mission. The CAG markings are some of the boldest ever applied to an A-7. With the change over to the Hornet, the squadron was redesignated VFA-195

The other markings are for VA-146, the 'Blue Diamonds'. This squadron also had very nice tail markings and a fuselage band. As with many A-7 squadrons, they converted to the F-18 and became VFA-146. For this version, you'll have to paint the tail a medium blue to match the fuselage stripe.

The Superscale sheet is well printed, though you may notice that the red bars in the large insignia are rather badly off register. The rest of the sheet looks just fine with no real problems. There are enough common markings for one scheme.

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