Superscale 48-736 for A-4B Skyhawks




VA-83 and VA-212


Scott Van Aken



It seems obvious from these last two Superscale sheets that there will be an A-4B from Hasegawa in the near future to add to the A-4F and A-4C already released. If you can't wait, then Hobbycraft's A-4B has been out for several months.

The two aircraft on this sheet are in the light gull grey over white camo scheme. As usual, Superscale provides complete common markings for one aircraft as well as anti-glare panels for both. These two schemes are from the late 1950s before the units' involvement in the Vietnam war.

First is a VA-83 Scooter with the unit's ram head boldly displayed on the fuselage side. The decal sheet also includes the rudder diamond markings and black fin stripe.

Next is a rather plain A-4B from VA-212 off the USS Hancock. The markings on this one are confined to codes and the unit's badge on the fuselage side, but VA-212 has never had the flamboyant markings of other squadrons.

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