Superscale 48-735 for A-4B/C Skyhawks




VA-86 & VA-113


Scott Van Aken



With the popularity of the new Hasegawa and Hobbycraft Skyhawk kits, it was no surprise that there would be a number of new decals for these kits. Superscale provides markings for an A-4B and an A-4C. The main difference between the B and C model is the 9 inch longer nose of the C model that incorporates the terrain clearance radar (basically a radar altimeter). Though the drawings above would have you believe the two aircraft are the same, they are not.

Both aircraft are in the light gull grey over white scheme that was standard at the time. The decal sheet carries enough common markings to do one of the two subjects and includes both the arrestor hook stripes and the nose anti-glare panels.

The A-4C is from VA-113 and has the fetching blue fuselage stripes and tail markings common to this unit at that time.

The VA-86 A-4B has the unit's snake prominent on the fuselage side. You'll have to paint the rudder orange as well as the fin leading edge; both will require some rather tricky masking, but should not be beyond the abilities of most modelers.

These two schemes have not been done on an aftermarket decal sheet before and it is great that Superscale is doing new schemes such as these.

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