Superscale 48-734 for P-47D Thunderbolt




62nd and 63rd FS / 56 FG


Scott Van Aken



The second 'Jug' sheet from Superscale's newest releases is for razorback Thunderbolts, both subjects from the 56 FG.

The first subject is 'Princess Pat' from the 63rd FS. This one is in the 'standard' colors of OD over neutral grey. It has the white nose and white tail bands that were recognition features to keep gunners from confusing it with the FW-190. It also has the often seen additional large US under wing insignia.

'Stalag Luft III / I wanted Wings' is a 62 FS P-47. This aircraft has large areas of the upper surface and the undersurface in RAF Medium sea grey. It also has a red nose ring, yellow rudder and underside D-day stripes, making for a most colorful and interesting aircraft.

Superscale provides enough common markings to do one of the two subjects, and that includes a rather complete data decal suite.

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