Superscale 48-733 for P-47D Thunderbolt




509 FS/405 FG & 310 FS/58FG


Scott Van Aken




It seems that Superscale just can't get enough of the P-47. And that is just fine with most of us. The Thunderbolt has often been treated as second best by the modeling fraternity when it comes to US WWII fighters. Most would rather do the sexier P-51. However, there is not denying that the T-bolt was an impressive aircraft and carried its share of neat markings.

This particular sheet has both a razorback and bubble top P-47D. Both are also in overall natural metal. It also includes a Pacific P-47 for those whose interest lies in that theater.

First aircraft is one that has been done in 1/72 and the kit markings for the old Minicraft kit. It is 'No.9/Turtle' from the 509 FS/405 FG. This aircraft is rather gaudily decked out with a red cowl ring, red canopy frame and red tail ID stripes.

The other natural metal P-47D is 'Passionate Patsy' from the 310th FS/58th FG in the Pacific. It has the broad black wing and fuselage bands common to the late war as well as a white tail. The unit's pre-war rudder markings are most prominent as is the cheese cake nose art, that appears to have been toned down a bit at some time!

There are enough common markings for one of the two planes as it standard with most decal makers. Either scheme will enhance your next 1/48 'Jug'.

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