Superscale 48-732 for P-51D Mustang




353 and 355 FS / 354 FG


Scott Van Aken



Switching now to the 9th AF, we bring you two schemes that have rarely, if ever, been done in this scale. The first is Lowell Brueland's 355 FS 'Grim Reaper'. This aircraft has a blue and white checkered nose band and lower fuselage D-D bands.

The other is Glenn Eagleston's aircraft. We are used to seeing his Thunderbolt on kit decals. This is the first I can recall seeing his Mustang. It has the usual huge eagle on the nose that was his personal marking and a rather complete tally of kills on the fuselage.

As with other Superscale sheets, there are enough common markings for one aircraft. Also in common with the new sheet releases is an excellent data placement guide. You also get data decals for the drop tanks; both the 75 gallon aluminum ones and the 110 gallon paper version.

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