Superscale 48-726 for P-47C/D Razorbacks




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Scott Van Aken



Seems as if Superscale likes to release decal sheets in pairs and that is just fine with me. Coming along with the previous razorback P-47 sheet is this one with a P-47C and D on it. To do the P-47C version, you will have to make a few small modifications to the kit of choice, but it is nothing that is beyond all but the newest modeler.

As with the other sheet, both aircraft are in olive drab upper and neutral grey lower surfaces. Both aircraft have the white nose and tail bands that were put on the 'Jug' to help differentiate them from FW-190s. Both are also using the red surround insignia that was briefly used in mid-1943. However, unlike the Pacific where the red was quickly painted over, this insignia lasted well into the war in the European theatre.

The first aircraft is 'Red Raider', a 328 FS/352 FG T-bolt with rather large artwork painted just forward of the cockpit.

The other is the P-47C 'Rat Racer' from the 61 FS/56 FG. It has a nice row of 6 kills as well as artwork just below the cockpit. Seems like this was the place for them early in the Thunderbolt's career.

The sheet carries enough data and other common markings for one aircraft. There is are superb data placement information drawings on the instruction sheet. Both schemes are different from the norm and will add some interest to your next P-47. If you are looking for kits both the Monogram and Hasegawa kits are really quite nice. Though the Monogram one is a bit more difficult to build, it is often considered to be the more accurate of the two. Both look just fine to me.

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