Superscale 48-722 for Spitfire IX Aces




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Scott Van Aken



Thanks to the new Spit IX release from Hasegawa as well as the ICM kit, the later mark Spitfire has become a 'hot topic' in the hard core modeling community as of late. For those of you who are tired of seeing sheets that have nothing but Polish Spitfire squadrons on it, this one should be just what you are seeking.

Included on this sheet are markings for any one of four Spit IX aces. All of the planes are painted in the same colors and three of them have D-Day stripes on them. There are sufficient markings to do one aircraft and a lovely set of data markings. The instruction sheet includes a very good data placement guide so finding out what goes where shouldn't be a problem.

As with nearly all decal sheets, the illustrations are there just as a decal and painting guide and not as a definitive guide to things like carb intakes, rearview mirror types and the such.

The first aircraft is from Jack Charles of 144 Wing. He ended the war with 15 kills.

Next is the Spit IX of John Plagis, another 15 kill ace. He was commander of 126 Squadron.

The Spit IXB of  John Ratten has the fewest number of kills and really cannot be considered an ace as five confirmed victories were needed. However, it is an interesting plane as it has no D-day stripes and no tail fin markings.

Finally, the Spit IX of Wing Commander Johnnie Johnson, the war's leading Spitfire ace with 34 kills.

Well, there you have it. Four very good choices for your next Spit IX.

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