Superscale 48-720 for A-4F Skyhawk




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Scott Van Aken



This is the first of two more decal sheets on the A-4F Skyhawk. Both have been done before either by other companies or in a smaller scale, but are most welcome as these are more up-to-date versions.

The first one is for a VA-93 Skyhawk from CAG-5 aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard in 1970. VA-93 kept basically these same markings when it transitioned to the A-7 and went to spend years in Atsugi, Japan with the USS Midway. One thing that it added was a large sharkmouth. For some reason the toothy markings just never were successful on the Skyhawk!

The other markings are for a VA-55 plane aboard the USS Hancock on what had to be its last cruise in 1974. This scheme is done by another decal company but has the green in a darker shade. Not sure which is correct, but this sheet is definitely less expensive!

Superscale has been nice enough to include the anti-glare panel as a decal and in two slightly different shapes for the appropriate squadron.

Either of these schemes will look really super on your next Hasegawa Skyhawk.

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