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Superscale 48-711 for P-40K Warhawk Aces


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76FS/23FG, 16FS/51FG, 25FS/51FG

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Scott Van Aken



Frankly, I wish this decal sheet had been released about four years ago. That was when the AMT P-40K was plentiful and cheap. Now it has become a bit of a difficult commodity to find. However, better late than never, I always say as I still have a couple of the kits stashed away. The K model P-40 was really just a P-40E with some improvements, such a a fin fillet and slightly more powerful engine. The windscreen frame is also different from the P-40E.

All three of these planes come from the book 'P-40 Aces of the CBI', by Carl Molesworth, which you can read a review of by following this link. In fact, you will find it to be quite an inspiration when getting ready to use this sheet. It is interesting to note that as USAF units have disappeared over the years as the forces have gotten smaller, all three of these squadrons and both groups still exist in one form or another!

The first plane is from the famous 'flying tigers' or 23rd FG. Like the other planes, it is from the middle of 1943 when the P-40 was still the most prominent US fighter in the CBI. This plane was the mount of the squadron CO, Grant Mahoney.

Next is a 16 FS P-40K of Robert Liles, the unit's CO. This plane has the nose art on the tail. That is because of the shark mouth, of course. The 16th was one of the 51st's squadrons that was sent to help augment the 23rd FG.

Finally a light earth and foliage green camouflaged 25FS P-40K. Most of the 51st FG was based in India and so their shark mouth was different from the China based planes. You will also notice that there is no serial number on any of the planes. This was standard procedure in the CBI with the serial being painted out as soon as the plane arrived from the States.

If you have an AMT P-40K, you now have a nice selection of markings to use on it!

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