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Superscale 48-708 for P-51D Mustangs


Still $6.00 


4 FG / 356 FG / 357 FG

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Scott Van Aken



Just a short time ago, there was a thread on a popular newsgroup that was bemoaning the demise of Superscale. Well, apparently, those perpetrating the tale forgot to check with Superscale. They have embarked on decal production that has not been seen from the company in many years. Not only are the subjects interesting and timely, but the decals and instructions are better than ever. Perhaps the best part is that the sheets don't cost $10 a shot! How Superscale has kept the line on costs, I don't know, but do applaud their cost consciousness on our behalf.

This particular sheet is on Mustang Aces of the Eighth AF. As with other sheets, there are enough common markings for one of the subjects on the sheet, other uses of the sheet will require the use of kit decals. The larger decals that are part of the nose markings are sized for the Hasegawa 1/48 P-51D. While they will probably fit other 1/48 Mustang kits, they may need some 'tweaking' and touch-up painting to fit properly.

First plane is 'Red Dog XII' from the CO of the 334FS / 4FG. This aircraft has a red nose and red rudder.

From the 362nd FS/357 FG comes a relatively plain P-51D, but one with a nice nose art that will sure to be used!

The third plane is 'Jersey Jerk' from the 361FS / 356 FG. It has a red nose on which the blue diamond decal will fit. Good luck with the blue rings on the spinner. This plane also has a blue canopy surround and blue tail.

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