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Superscale 48-707 for P-51D Mustangs


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375 FS / 361 FG & CO 353 FG

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Scott Van Aken




There is an unwritten axiom amongst those who model US WWII planes: 'You can never have enough Mustangs!' While I could easily apply that to the F-4 and others to 109s, it is true that the P-51 is a favorite subject amongst modelers the world over. Especially those of the later war period when all the pretense of camouflage was removed. These aircraft then had some of the most colorful markings of any aircraft applied to them. For a Mustang aficionado to one of every squadron that flew the plane during the war would be enough to keep him busy for years.

Superscale has added two more schemes to those who like their P-51s in 1/48 with this new sheet. Like previous new sheets, there are common markings enough for one of the two planes. The sheet offers the complex checkered nose colors for the second plane and also has instructions on how to trim this decal to fit. The decal has been formed for the Hasegawa 1/48 P-51D, and while it would probably fit the Tamiya, or Monogram, or Otaki, or Hawk kit, it may need some 'fudging' to do so.

The first aircraft is 'Detroit Miss', a plane that was prominently pictured on the Monogram P-51D for well over a decade. This colorful 361 FG 'stang has a yellow nose, red canopy trim and a red section on the tail. It also has D-Day stripes for the lower fuselage.

The other plane on the sheet is 'Dove of Peace' the mount of the CO of the 353rd FG. In addition to the yellow and black checked nose, this plane has a yellow rudder and yellow/black rings on the prop spinner. A very colorful scheme.

Either one would look great on your next P-51D

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