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Superscale 48-706 for A-4E Skyhawks


Still $6.00 


VA-152 and VMA-121

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Scott Van Aken




Here is the second new Skyhawk sheet from Superscale. This particular sheet is similar to the previous one in that it has one aircraft with and one without the avionics hump. It also provides markings for an aircraft that was on one of the very earliest 1/72 sheets that was ever done for this plane. I still have this sheet and I believe it has a $.98 price marked on it. Modeling sure has come a long way since then!

The first plane is a CAG bird from VA-152 aboard the USS Shangri-la in 1970. As is befitting a CAG bird, it has multiple colors in the tail for each of the squadrons aboard. Each of the little colored slivers is given as a separate piece to ensure that you get it on properly without any registration problems. Sure, it will take a little more time, but the effort will be worth it. This Skyhawk does have the avionics hump

The other aircraft is the old friend from VMA-121. Like the above bird, it also had the rudder markings separate to ensure proper placement.  I did these markings on a 1/72 ESCI kit many years ago and the results were rather pleasing. This plane is without the avionics hump.

As with the previous sheet, there isn't enough room to provide insignia and common markings for both aircraft so you'll have to rely on the kit offerings for that second plane. Again, the anti-glare panel is provided as a decal to save you time and the hassle of masking the area off.

Either scheme should look just great on your new Hobbycraft or Hasegawa Scooter!

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