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Superscale 48-696 for ANG F-16C Falcons


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115 and 122 FW

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Scott Van Aken



Now on to something a bit more modern. Over the last few years, several ANG/AFRC units have been celebrating their 50th anniversary. Other units just like to have a nice looking Boss bird for the unit commander. This sheet has one of each. As a modeler, you need to make sure that you have the right version of the F-16C to do with these kits as there is a difference when it comes to the Pratt & Whitney or GE powered aircraft. 

As with most other Superscale sheets, there is a full data stencil suite for one aircraft and this time it includes the insignia as well. You can use the kit data and insignia if you want to do both schemes. Frankly, I know of few modelers who do both schemes off a sheet so this usually isn't an issue. The instructions are well done and well researched. They also include a full data placement guide for those small stencil markings.

The first aircraft is the boss bird of the 163rd FS/122nd FW. This Fort Wayne, IN unit now call themselves the Black Snakes. Previously they had been the Marksmen and there was something before that which I don't remember. This is typically your basic F-16C with a nice colorful tail markings.

The 176FS/115FW bird is from Madison, WI and is celebrating the units 50th anniversary. This is also a rather typically painted F-16 until it comes to the tail. It is painted a nice red color with a minute man superimposed on a US flag motif in the shape of the state of Wisconsin. This would make for a very nice and colorful aircraft, especially if you are doing a series of ANG Falcons.

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