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Superscale 48-693 for 357 FG P-51D


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Scott Van Aken



This is the third sheet in the series on the 357th FG. All of these are P-51Ds and all have the fin fillet. None are equipped with the 18 inch wide wing and tailplane bands. There are enough common markings and insignia for one aircraft. A set of fuselage invasion stripes is included for one of the aircraft.

There is no recommended kit for this sheet, but I would think that most modelers will be putting these on the Tamiya or Hasegawa Mustangs. They should also fit the Otaki, Testors, or Monogram kits just as well if saving a few dollars is important.

The first subject is one of my favorites; William Gruber's 'Cooter'. This OD over neutral grey P-51D has a nice piece of art work under the canopy on the left side.

Next is 'Sebastian Jr.' from the 362 FS. This aircraft has the spine, tailplanes and tail painted in OD. No indication of if the wings are also OD. Perhaps the references will give more info. This aircraft also carries the invasion stripes.

Finally 'The Count' from the 363rd FS. This natural metal Mustang has a red rudder and a long run of mission markings on the engine cowling.

All in all, any of these aircraft will look great on your model shelf. Like the previous sheets, this one is well printed without misregistration. Also like the other sheets, it has been darkened to more easily show the white parts of the sheet.

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