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Superscale 48-692 for 357 FG P-51D




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Scott Van Aken



This is the second sheet in the Superscale triumvirate on the 357th FG. Like the previous sheet, this one covers three subjects. However, these are for the later P-51D. As with the previous sheet, there are enough common markings and insignia for  one aircraft, though there is also a second set of nose checks in case you wish to do a kit using kit markings for the common stuff.

The first subject is 'Passion Wagon of Arval Roberson from the 362nd FS. This is one of the first aftermarket markings I used from the very early 1/72 sheet back a LOT of years ago. This particular aircraft has no fin fillet so you will have to do some slight modification to your kit.

The next aircraft is 'Ol Flak Joe' a regular P-51D in OD and Neutral Grey. This 363 FS Mustang has the later red fin of the bare metal aircraft.

The final aircraft is 'Gentleman Jim' of Jim Browning from the 363rd FS. It sports 6 kill markings and a red rudder. 

To prevent confusion regarding the P-51 and similar looking German aircraft, the Mustang often carried 18 inch wide white stripes on the wings and tailplanes on OD painted planes. When natural metal took hold, these stripes were painted black. Not all aircraft carried these ID markings, and Superscale indicates which did or if there is any doubt to check photos.

As with the other sheet, this one is crisply printed with no misalignment. The sheet has also been darkened to more easily show the white parts.

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