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Superscale 48-691 for 357 FG P-51B Mustang




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One of the highest scoring US fighter groups of WWII was the 357th. This unit had a large number of aces in its ranks and some pretty well known ones like Kit Carson and Chuck Yeager. The red and yellow checked nose bands were a trademark of this unit and carried on all of their Mustangs. The first types to be used by the 357th were the P-51B. Many of these planes were modified with the clear vision 'Malcolm Hood' that did away with the framework of the earlier canopies.

Superscale has released a number of sheets covering this unit and this is the first one. Superscale's instruction sheets have really improved over the last few years. These new ones include clear data placement instructions as well as some interior color information and references where the modeler can see the subjects on the sheet. The instructions are still in black and white, but I'd rather forego the color and save a few dollars in the process.

The first subject is 'Berlin Express' from the 363rd FS. This has a Malcolm Hood and fuselage invasion stripes going to the upper limit of the insignia. It also has a large nose art on the right side.

'Pregnant Polecat' is from the 364th FS. This one is devoid of invasion stripes and sports 8 kills and a number of mission marks.

Finally, 'Shanty Irish', the mount of 362 FS pilot Gilbert O'Brien. His Malcolm Hooded 51B has short fuselage invasion stripes, 8 Kills and a number of mission marks on the nose.

The decals are crisply printed and offer sufficient insignia and common markings to do one aircraft on the sheet. There are also a set of fuselage invasion stripes for those of us who can't paint the darn things! All in all a really fine sheet  that will look great on your P-51B.

As a note, the decals have been darkened up to show the white markings more clearly.

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