Superscale 48-681: B-25D Mitchell

Units: 345 BG


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Scott Van Aken

Without a doubt, the 345th BG from the 5th AF in the Southwest Pacific is the most modeled B-25 outfit. They not only had great nose art later in the war, but also had the distinction of developing the US gunship by adding extra machine guns to the nose and forward fuselage of the aircraft. They also tested and proved that it was a very potent machine.

Both are in OD over Neutral Grey with varying colored engine cowlings.

First is the very famous 'Tondelayo from the 500th BS. It has red engine cowlings and a white stripe just aft of the wing.

The other is 'Jelly Belly' of the 498th BS and has a blue engine cowling. It was a standard B-25D-1, not a strafer

Now both are just labeled as B-25Ds, but you should know that the drawings are deceiving. 'Tondelayo' was converted to a gunship with four guns in the nose and guns on two side pods. In addition, the very forward frames on the nose were not painted over, though the bomb aimers part was. A tail gun was probably added with the clear Plexiglas cover removed.

'Jelly Belly' was a very early D-1 so had the non-ejector exhaust that exited behind the cowl flaps.

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