Superscale 48-677 for P-38 Lightning




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Scott Van Aken



The only really successful American twin-engined fighter of the war was the P-38 Lightning. Hold off telling me about the P-61 as that plane was specialized and really only saw limited success in the last year of the war. The 'Forked Tail Devil' was perfect for the Pacific where range and that extra engine were so useful over the broad ocean expanses. It also made it useful in the European theater as a bomber escort. Though not as nimble as other fighters, it was able to hold its own quite well against most Axis planes, especially in Med where the foes were not as numerous or aggressive as over central Europe.  They also proved themselves as decent fighter-bombers with that quartet of .50s and a 20mm in the nose.

This particular sheet covers three P-38Js from different units in Europe.

The first is 'Sky Cowboy, from the 77th FS/20th FG. With its white nose band and yellow engine faces, this one is rather colorful as P-38s go. It is in natural metal.

Next is 'Jeanne' from the 55th FS/20th FG. This time in olive drab over neutral grey, its claim to fame are the shark mouths on each engine.

Finally, 'Bill's Filly', from the 12th FS/18th FG. It has a pale blue nose tip, spinner tips, fuselage band, and a checkerboard pattern over the radiators. It also comes with the obligatory cheesecake nose art.

If you have a Hasegawa or Academy or even the older Monogram kit in 1/48 that needs some sprucing up, this sheet should do the trick.

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