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Superscale 48-615 for P-51D Mustang




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Scott Van Aken



In discussions over which is the most recognizable name regarding WW2 aircraft, everyone has their favourites. For some it is the Bf-109, others say it is the Spitfire or Hurricane, while others will pick the P-40, P-47 or P-51, the subject of this sheet. A survey done in late 1999 says that it is none of them but it is the B-17(!) Well, what do they know! :0)

For many Americans, it is the P-51 that epitomizes the WW2 fighter. It doesn't hurt that the Mustang saw service again in Korea and lasted many decades after that. The final military P-51D was withdrawn from service with the Dominican Air Force in 1973. Not bad for an aircraft that was designed to last 400 flight hours!

One place that did not see as much use of the Mustang was the Pacific and specifically the CBI (China-Burma-India) theater. It wasn't until the last year of the war that the P-51D was finally delivered to units there, where it was immediately put to good use. 

Superscale provides two aircraft from those theaters for us. There are enough stencils and insignia for the modeler to do one of the planes. 

The first one is from the 2nd Air Commando Group in Burma in 1945. You may have seen a very similar scheme if you built the Otaki 1/48 P-51. This one has a large question mark on the tail and enough lightning bolts on it to create its own thunderstorm! This one is called 'Cheese Cake Chassis. Like most 2ACG aircraft, it was used mostly for ground attack so has no kills.

The other aircraft is from the 460th FS and piloted by Maj. Bill Dunham. This one has quite a bit of color to it , especially on the tail. There are also a number of large, black stripes that will need to be painted on the wings and fuselage. It will be fun trying to paint the spinner as well with its bands of red, yellow, dark blue and black! This particular plane sports Maj. Dunham's 16 kills.

In all a nice sheet of two very interesting Mustangs.

Review sheet courtesy of me and my wallet.

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