Superscale 48-514: Hs-129B

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Scott Van Aken


Not really sure when this sheet came out, but no recommended kit is provided so I can only assume that it was meant for the old ESCI version. Now, of course, we have the MUCH better Hasegawa kit. This kit is a real beauty and builds extremely well. If you haven't had a chance to put glue to one, I can really recommend it.

Back to the sheet, this one is for three planes, all of them in the standard RLM 70/71/65 splinter color scheme and all on the Eastern Front. The type was never used in Europe as they required a modicum of air superiority to operate successfully, something they got in Russia.

First is a whitewashed B-1 version from 8./SG 1 in the winter of 1942. The usual Russian Front yellow nose, fuselage band and lower wing tips are applied. I'd apply the white in a very thin coat.

From 4./SG 1 is this B-2, Blue F from the Fall of 1942. It is standard in all respects with only white spinners with a blue spiral to liven things up a bit.

Also from 4./SG 1 is Blue Z, a B-2 with the BK 37 mm cannon from Spring of 1942. It also maintains all of its color in the spinners with them in light blue, yellow and black.

There are enough common insignia for all three subjects.

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