Superscale sheet 48-513; Hs-129B

MSRP : $6.00

One of the unsung workhorses of the Eastern Front and the Med, the Hs-129 was the German equivalent of the Russian IL-2 Stormovik. Though built in far fewer numbers than its Russian counterpart, the Hs-129 was highly successful in its designed role as tank buster. Though normally armed with 20 and 30mm cannon, a few aircraft were fitted with the Pak 40 75mm gun and saw action very late in the war.

There is only one 1/48 scale kit of this aircraft on the market and that is the ESCI/AMT version. While not up to modern standards, with a bit of help it can be made into a fine representation of the 129. Typical of most ESCI/AMT kits, the decals are not that good so Superscale came to the rescue with this sheet.

Three aircraft are on this sheet. First is one in desert camo from 4./STG 2 in 1942. While listed as being sand with green mottles, the truth is that it was painted a standard 70/71/65 and the sand color was liberally applied over the European camouflage.

Next is a colorful Eastern front aircraft of Rudolf-Heinz Ruffer of 8./STG 1, who had 72 tank kills to his credit. This is in standard 70/71/65 scheme with yellow on the nose, wingtips and fuselage band.

Finally one of the Pak 40 aircraft from Rechlin test center that was hurriedly assigned to 14./STG 9 in the last months of the war.

A fine sheet that should liven up your Hs-129.