Superscale 48-499
P-39/P-400 Airacobra

$6.00 MSRP

The P-39 has not been served well in 1/48 for decal sheets.  This particular sheet has two subjects from a very early 1/72 sheet. However, additional research has shown that the main subject, 'Air-a-cutie' had a more involved scheme than was known when the 1/72 sheet was produced.  

Since splitting from Microscale, Superscale has improved it's instruction sheets a great deal, giving the modeler more placement and painting detail as well as references.

'Air-a-cutie' is offered in two schemes, an early one with art on both sides of the nose, and a later version where the art was on the port side only. This is probably the scheme that will be used by most buyers of this sheet.  

'Macushla' is the other aircraft on the sheet and is a P-400, not a P-39.  The P-400 was the export version of the P-39 and usually can be spotted by having twelve exhaust stacks on each side vice the six of the P-39. Unfortunately missing from this scheme is an upper wing drawing as 'Mascushla' was painted in  a disruptive camouflage of OD and Brown.

There are enough markings and stencils to do both aircraft as the P-39 and other WWII aircraft were not stencil-intensive as are today's aircraft.

Scott Van Aken