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Microscale 48-492 for P-40E Warhawks





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Scott Van Aken



Well, P-40 fans, here is another Superscale sheet for your favourite aircraft, the P-40E Warhawk. This one has the usual aircraft from the 49th FG in the Southwest Pacific, but also includes one from the Soviet Air Force. Not many Americans know that the US sent a huge amount of material to the Soviets to help them fight the Germans during the war. It was supposed to be Lend Lease, but the US neither got back the equipment, nor were granted any bases. Neither was there any payment made to the US, though that was originally agreed upon prior to sending material to them. 

Nevertheless, the Soviets did put them to good use. Many of their aces were adept at using the rugged P-40 to advantage, especially in the colder climates. It is odd that a liquid cooled engine would do so well, but it did. The single Soviet aircraft on the sheet is that of Major P.A. Pokryschev (who eventually scored 59 victories) and is shown at the Leningrad front in 1943. It is in the RAF desert scheme of  Dark Earth and Middlestone, so you know who was originally to get this plane! Underside is Neutral grey. There are kill markings on the fuselage around the red star which is typical of Russian victory markings.

Next is an overall Medium Green upper camo Warhawk of Lt. George Preddy of the 9th FS/ 49th FG. While it carries no kill markings, it does have the name 'Tarheel' emblazoned on the nose of the aircraft .

Finally is Lt. J.A. Angel's P-40E. Also of the 9th FS, this one has an angel just aft of the cockpit on the fuselage. Like the Russin aircraft, it is also in the desert scheme of Middlestone and Sand.

Any one of the three schemes would look good on a P-40E. Trouble in 1/48 is finding one. Your choices are not good as the ones by Revell and Otaki/Arii are rather ancient and the Otaki one has some shape problems with the wings. You can kitbash one using two AMT kits as I did several months ago, but it isn't the best way to get a nice P-40E.

Anyway, all the markings one would need are included on the sheet so you can do all three aircraft without having to resort to the spares box

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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